Why isn’t there an in-person registration session that I can attend?

The in-person registration events that used to be held at the Agrena were cancelled for many reasons, including:

  • They were extremely labour intensive. Every event had to be staffed by volunteers, who had to collect paper forms that then had to be re-entered into the online registration systems adopted by the softball and baseball parent organizations to replace the old paper systems. Cheques also had to be collected and manually deposited at the bank, and payment re-issued to the provincial bodies.
  • They were inconvenient. Many people interested in registering for ball were not available to attend the scheduled registration dates and/or times. Multiple days had to be added, and times had to be extended in an attempt to accommodate as many people as possible, but inevitably volunteers would still end up spending hours dealing with “late” registrations or trying to accommodate people outside of the scheduled registration times.
  • They were unnecessary and inefficient. The entire registration and payment processes for both Softball Alberta and Baseball Alberta are handled electronically using the RAMP system. This system can be accessed directly by parents and players to input registration details AND complete payment. Registration windows can be extended to months instead of a couple days, all steps can be completed from the comfort of people’s homes, persistent information can be carried forward from year to year, and there is no duplication of work. Other steps that historically had to be performed manually, like managing team rosters, is also handled more efficiently using the new systems.