I coached last year… I would like to have the same group of kids placed on my team again this year so I’m familiar with them. Is this possible?

BMBA has absolutely no control over who decides to register for and play ball each year.  We cannot force people to play ball, and conversely we are NOT in the business of forcing people out of ball either.  We will always attempt to find spots for all interested kids to play first and foremost. That said, the following caveats will apply:

For competitive and performance rosters (AA and AAA), if the number of registrations received for a group exceeds the maximum number permitted on a roster, but is insufficient for the fielding of multiple teams within the group, then the Head Coach is responsible for running tryouts and making final roster selections prior to the roster submission deadline for their league.  Athletes cut from a AA or AAA roster due to this process will be given an opportunity to play on a house league (A) team at the same age level, if they so choose, and any difference in fees paid will be refunded.

For house league rosters (A), the answer to this question is generally “No”.  There are many factors to consider when creating team rosters at the various levels and categories of play:

  • Total number of registrations received for each group
  • Minimum number of players required to field a team
  • Accommodation of practical considerations like multiple siblings playing within same group and resulting travel considerations
  • Availability of volunteer Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers for each team
  • Seeking competitive balance between multiple teams within the same group for House league play
  • Seeking an even distribution of experienced and less experienced players between different teams playing within the same group
  • League considerations

Accommodation of any requests for a roster adjustment from one Coach (or parent) will invariably have corresponding and unnecessary consequences for another Coach (and parents).  Such requests are nearly always selfish and not in the best interests of the majority of BMBA participants and volunteers, and as such, will be rejected unless there are unusual extenuating circumstances.  If such circumstances exist, they must be clearly articulated in writing by the requesting party to both the Registrar and President of the Association for consideration. Even then, IF a request is granted it may include conditions such as an additional volunteer commitment from the requesting party to offset work or address issues created by the request.