The BMBA competition calendars are organized by League, Team and Diamond.  Please select the calendar for the League, Team or Diamond you are interested in viewing from the list below.  Note that game schedules for AA teams are managed by Baseball Alberta or Softball Alberta respectively.  The BMBA calendar for AA leagues will only show practice schedules.  Links are also provided to the AA game schedules on the provincial web sites as soon as they are published.

*** Where diamond locations are indicated for AWAY games, ALWAYS confirm the location with the opposition coach prior to your game. Away diamonds have not been confirmed and could be changed by the other associations at any time.

An overview of the BMBA Diamond Schedule is available for download here:

You can refer to this document when planning for re-bookings due to rain-outs or cancellations, however, the actual diamonds booked on any given day may be different from those shown on this overview so make sure you contact the Town of Barrhead Parks and Recreation office as well as any other coaches listed on a diamond to confirm availability before booking.  You can also view BMBA specific bookings per diamond by clicking on the diamond links in the bottom section of this page.

All BMBA Calendars can be imported automatically into your calendar application of choice using its I-CAL web feed, so you don’t have to manually copy all the events over if you already use a calendar app on your phone or computer.  Some example links for different calendar applications are included below for reference.  Simply copy the link displayed within the brackets into the address bar of your browser or app and replace the bold portion with the address of the calendar you are interested in.  So for example, the Apple calendar link shown below will import the calendar for the Mosquito AA practices into an Apple calendar.  The Outlook sample link will import the calendar for the U12 Squirts into Outlook. The Google calendar link below will import the calendar for the Sr. Rookie 1 team into your Google calendar.  Please consult the documentation included with your calendar app of choice for further details about importing I-CAL feeds.

  • Apple:webcal:// )
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  • Google: )

Baseball Alberta League


Mosquito AA  (KRAMM/RAU)  ( Games / Practices )

PeeWee AA  (BUDGEN)  ( Games / Practices )

Bantam AA  (SONNENBERG)  ( Games / Practices )

Midget AA  (HANLAN/WIEGAND)  ( Games / Practices )

Junior AAA  (WOROBEC)  ( Games / Practices )

Softball Alberta League

Currently no BMBA teams.

Pembina House League


Mites (U10) 1  (OCHREMCHUK)

Mites (U10) 2  (SCHLITTER)

Squirts (U12)  (RAU)

PeeWee (U14)  (No Team)

Bantam (U16)  (No Team)

Midget (U18)  (MURRELL)

Jr. Rookie 1  (LUCIUK)

Sr. Rookie 1  (KING)

Sr. Rookie 2  (CARSTAIRS)

Mosquito (House) 1  (WIESE)

Mosquito (House) 2  (LANE/WOODS)

Mosquito (House) 3  (STEPHANI)

PeeWee (House) 1  (RYLAND)

Bantam (House)  (No Team)

Midget (House)  (No Team)

County of Barrhead League

Currently no BMBA teams.

Edmonton Rural Recreational League

Currently no BMBA teams.

Diamond Schedules

Senior Diamond  (Baseball)

Diamond #4  (Baseball)

Diamond #1

Diamond #2

Diamond #3

BCHS B  (High School)

BCHS A  (High School)