Updated schedules for the 2024 season are not yet available. Schedules from prior years are available below for reference purposes, but may not reflect changes that might be necessary in the upcoming season.

The entire 2019 season diamond allocation schedule for all teams is available for download online as an Excel spreadsheet (XLSX).:

Game schedules for AA teams are managed by Baseball Alberta. The BMBA calendar for AA teams will typically only show practice schedules. To view the AA game/tournament schedules as they become available please refer to the Baseball Alberta website at:

*** Where diamond locations are indicated for AWAY games, ALWAYS confirm the location with the opposition coach prior to your game. Away diamonds have not been confirmed by BMBA and could be changed by the other associations at any time depending on availability.

An overview of the weekly BMBA Practice Schedule is available for download here (PDF):

Coaches and OFMs can refer to the weekly overview and diamond allocations when planning for re-bookings due to rain-outs or cancellations, however, the actual diamonds booked on any given day may be different from those shown on these documents so make sure you contact the Town of Barrhead Parks and Recreation office as well as any other coaches listed on a diamond to confirm availability before using a diamond.