My child is exceptional OR there are too many young and inexperienced players on my child’s team. I believe this may even be a safety issue. Can I move him/her up to a higher age group?


Let’s think about this logically for a second… your concern has been prompted by the presence of less experienced and/or less skilled players on your child’s team, and what you are proposing as a solution is to move your child to a higher level of competition where they are very likely to become the less experienced and/or less skilled player on that team.  What about the “safety issue” we just created by now placing an underage player on the new team?  How should we address the new complaints/requests we are likely to receive from parents and/or coaches on the new team (or other teams, now that precedent has been set) caused by the accommodation made for your child?

Now let’s consider the other more practical issues that arise, such as maintaining minimum roster numbers to field teams, maintaining competitive balance between teams in the same group for house league play, hard restrictions on roster adjustments such as coach and manager children or siblings, dealing with cancellations and late additions, etc., etc.  After only a small amount of analysis, it should quickly become clear why these types of requests, generally speaking, are unreasonable and difficult (if not impossible) to accommodate.