What is the difference between baseball and softball?

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Baseball, also known as hardball, is played with a smaller ball, typically on a larger field. The ball is pitched overhand from a pitcher’s mound, usually at a much higher velocity than softball.

Softball consists of two different variations: fastpitch and softpitch or slo-pitch. Both are played with a larger grapefruit-sized ball and the pitcher throws the ball underhand from the same level as the batter. In softpitch softball, the ball must be pitched in an arc before descending again on the way to the batter. This slows down the pitch, making it easier for the batter to connect with the ball. In fastpitch softball, the ball is pitched straight at the batter at a higher speed, making this version more challenging.

Baseball and fastpitch softball are typically played more competitively, while softpitch or slo-pitch softball is generally a more laid-back recreational sport. More information about both sports, their rules, and the various leagues and divisions available for each can be found on the Baseball Alberta and Softball Alberta websites.